Everyone's favourite heroes in a half shell first took over our comic books, and then our TV screens in the 80's thanks to Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird.

With the sass and wit of teenagers combined with the skills of Ninjitsu under the tutelage of Splinter (don't hold the fact he's a rat against him, only a fool would underestimate his skills) they would face off against Dimension X's demented overlord Krang and his terse agreement with Shredder.

No matter if read or watched on screen, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles never failed to entertain, and soon enough also dominated the arcades and home consoles! Who could ever deny the awesomeness of TURTLE POWER?! Certainly not us! NECA's range of 7" scale figures are a must have for TMNT fans everywhere young and old.