The Noble Collection Fantastic Beasts Bendable Bowtruckle Figure

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Every Magizoologist needs handy friends when out in the field, and non come much handier than the Bowtruckle! He's especially good at picking locks but just make sure you use him responsibly!
The Bowtruckle is a peaceable and intensely shy creature but if the tree in which it lives is threatened, it has been known to leap down upon the woodcutter or tree-surgeon attempting to harm its home and gouge at their eyes with its long, sharp fingers. So get your own Fantastic Beast today and let him guard your study while you work.* 

*disclaimer - probably won't protect you from intruders.


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Brand The Noble Collection
Code HP_Bendable_Be3
Character Bowtruckle
Interest Fantastic Beasts
Product Figures
Size Height 20cm approx
Recommended Age 7+
Manufacturer The Noble Collection
Country of Manufacture Made in China